Avoiding after-hours clinics

Our office hours are 8:30 to 5:00 Monday through Friday.

At ALL other times, Dr. Coogan is available at 225-925-2000 or 225-214-5895 and wants his patients and parents to call him with questions BEFORE heading to any urgent care clinic. Most of the time, by calling Dr. Coogan, you will be able to avoid an after-hours visit to a physician who may NOT be a board-certified pediatrician (even though some clinics may imply in their advertisements that all their doctors are board-certified pediatricians). Dr. Coogan’s experience over 34 years in practice is that non-pediatricians will very often provide less than optimal medical service to pediatric patients.

Doctor Coogan knows you and your child and, depending on the situation, he may:
➢ instruct you how to treat and observe your child at home;
➢ ask you to meet him at the office after-hours; or,
➢ direct you to take your child to the pediatric hospital emergency room.

Obviously, if you feel the child is having a life-or-limb threatening problem, go directly to the NEAREST hospital emergency room or call 911.

Call 925-2000. If we are not in the office, Woman’s On-Call will answer, will temporarily put you on hold and will contact Dr. Coogan right away and connect you with him directly. If there is no answer at 925-2000 (remember the hurricanes?) call our answering service directly at 214-5895. Dr. Coogan wants to hear from you. Call him first.

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